Sydney - September 2018

Im not really a writer. Wrote this for other purpose. Since it is already written, I transfer them here to make use of this site blog function. So here goes….

This is the story about my recent trip with my family to Sydney, Australia

We arrived late evening, and straight away checked in to our homestay, with this gorgeous view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The homestay located somewhere in Kirribilli neighbourhood, north Sydney. 

This magnificent Sydney view during sunset were shot at Milson Point, where there were some small park for my boys to play around while I’m doing my photo hunting.

One of the benefit to stay at accommodation with view is that, i can left my camera at the balcony and it continue shooting with timer, while I can bring my family to Sydney city centre for a tour.

While my boys still sleeping soundly, I took a short walk from our homestay to shoot the sunrise view of Sydney, when everything turn golden, as it was lit by the sunrise light.

Sydney is a very photogenic city. You can shoot from almost all part of the city and get good results. This shot was done at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. I was lucky as the waxing crescent moon appears shortly after sun was setting at the horizon.

Our next accommodation is a Shangri-La hotel located at The Rocks. It is one of the oldest neighbourhood in Sydney. The hotel offer one of the best Sydney city skyline view from high vantage point, especially during sunrise.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is more than 80 years old now, but the view never cease to amaze me.

Our final night at Sydney was blessed with the unexpected fireworks show. My boys were very excited to watch them, even long after the show had ended.

All of the above shot were not possible without the support from my family. Thank you my wife and kids for your understanding, your patience, and your support from the very first day I learn how to take photos, until who i become today.

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